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Happy Newer Year

Divine '09 is finally here.
Yes, yes YES.

It has been an easy transition to this new year for me. In fact, I have had to correct myself from using 2009 in advance of when the calendar actually changed. Maybe it is because there is so much hope and potential and power that awaits us all.

I can happily report that I met my new year's goal of spending the entire day in my jammies.
(TMI for some...) After getting up early to feed Belle and do my morning prayer work, I went back to sleep again.

Oh, and speaking of Belle... she was quite a hoot today. When I sat down in the prayer chair to do my reading (I usually do some spiritual reading before I meditate and pray) she was rubbing up and down all over the book in a very exaggerated and prolonged manner. It became laughable because she could not get close enough or rub deeply enough into the book. Guess she was really hungry for the spiritual truth inside that book. And later, when she joined me for my late morning nap, she used her…