Two weeks and counting . . .

There are two more weeks before the inauguration of our new President in this new year.

Recently, I received an e-mail from the Obama organization offering a chance to win a ticket to the Inauguration. Not sure what the criteria might be for how they select the winners --whether it is a random drawing and/or based on the essay they asked us to write as to what the Inauguration means to me. Initially, I dismissed the idea of entering or writing something as I guesstimated they will probably choose very specific people to represent certain aspects of the new order. Yet, I woke up this morning with my essay writing itself through me and I decided that whether or not I win, the fact that I am being offered this opportunity was a grand thing. And I know that what I write and set out in my intention does make a difference so I wanted to share it and make it real:

What doesn't this inauguration (and Presidency) mean to me?

For the first time, since I was a child in the Kennedy era, I can watch television again and not avert my eyes when the President of the U.S. comes on to speak. And not only will I be watching, I can listen to what our (new) President will say because he is articulate, compassionate, intelligent, educated and yes, even funny.

Born in Chicago of humble roots, I was an only child raised by a single-mom. I am not a minority (well, being female, some may disagree with that) and mine is not a tragic hard-luck story but one of feisty independence to achieve my dreams. What I am is an educated non-denominational minister who teaches and preaches about change, accountability, self-reliance, faith and love. My new position as Pastor at my church calls for me to handle many similar that things that face President Obama. So I actively prayed for us both. My being hired for this congregation and the Obama/Biden campaign/election is proof of the proverbial pudding of affirmative change and unwaivering hope. This election and now (thankfully) administration is answered prayer...literally. And not just my prayer, but the prayers of our nation and other countries to once again have leadership emanating from the White House. President Obama and our new First Family is answered prayer even for those people that did not vote for him --they just don't know it yet.

Attending this inauguration would be the icing on the cake. For this is a time of joy; a manifestation of long, hard work and deep and abiding prayerful knowing. It would be an opportunity to literally stand in support and celebration of the man, the family --and gosh, soon, the dog, I hope -- that I can endorse and support with every fiber of my being--and to do so in representation of what I teach from the pulpit. (Not to mention it would be my official permission slip to get out of teaching class at church that night and having to record the entire day on my VCR...)

The fact that this opportunity is being offered to us--the United States citizens--already reflects the change I want to see and be in the world.
For this and so much more, I thank all the people that are and have been in support of our new President and work alongside him to create the country of our highest vision.

My blessings of Joy and Light, and with peace,

Rev. Duchess Dale
Chico, CA

...and so it is!


Susannah said…
Ayyyyy-men! Thank you for sharing. I do so miss your wisdom and insights.

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