Bed, Bath and Beyonce'

Sunday night's Academy Awards show was really wonderful. And I know I already wrote about it earlier this week but I had neglected to mention how pleased I was to see the musical tribute to...well, movie musicals. Yah.
Beyonce' was an interesting addition for the number. (BTW, I don't know how to make the little grammatical mark correctly above the 'e' in her name.)
For me, I appreciated her pulchritudinous performance.

Tuesday night, was the first address to Congress by President Obama.
I called Don to have him record it for me as I was teaching class at church. The broadcast did not actually start at 6:00 p.m. as scheduled, so when I called Don to be sure he had set up the VCR (yes, Virginia, we still own a VCR ...) he put the phone up to the television so I could hear the announcement, "The President of the United States..." When I got home at 10:00 p.m. we watched it together. And once again, I felt such gratitude and joy to see and hear our President. I appreciated how he deftly handled the difficult 'news' to share bracketed with such confidence and hope. For me, if prior to the election, anyone questioned his leadership skills as Commander in Chief, they would be feeling a sense of relief and greater security.

On Ash Wednesday, spring training began in the baseball world. Ah, it was such a relief to whiz by ESPN and see players in uniforms that quicken my pulse (even if one of them is oddly in a Brewers uniform on the mound..) And very key to this news is that Ken Griffey Jr. could get a total of $5 million this year in his return to Seattle if he stays healthy and fans flock to see him. (I would be happy to flock to Seattle). The Mariners have layered performance bonuses based upon plate appearances and attendance that could net Griffey an additional $3 million - on top of the $2 million in base salary that's in the one-year contract baseball's leading active home run hitter agreed to Saturday. I am happy to know with and for Junior how healthy he is right now and throughout the season!

Don and I are going to see "Slumdog" this week and hope to catch up on a few of the other major contenders-now-winners. And for the DVD rental market, may I recommend the Sundance Film winner, "Bottleshock". A very enjoyable movie based on a true story about a California winery in 1976.

Unconditionally sending you lots of Mardi Gras beads without any effort on your parts.


Yea Beyonce! Ah, I mean, hurrah, baseball has started!

As I read your posting, I realized that the San Diego Padres are playing Griffey and the Seattle Mariners right now in a spring training game.


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