From Jesus to Holmes -- "... Anything's possible."

Never say never....

OK, so I am totally stoked and delighted that my annual canine holiday had finally arrived. After church service and a vision meeting, I came home curled up on the couch with my kittygirl, Jezebelle and we turned on Animal Planet to watch Puppy Bowl V. Ahhhhh.

Even though this is the fifth year for this cable special, I find that many people still don't know about this annual love-fest. Truly, this is video heaven for me. Yet, I know that the majority of the planet instead focus on something called the Super Bowl. This is a year-end major sporting event for the two best football teams in the NFL. This year, it was played between the Pittsburgh Steelers ( the team I was rooting for even though I don't understand or really care for football) and the Arizona Cardinals (who has the more attractive quarterback, Kurt Warner).

It is not unusual for me to not be mainstream. Does it matter if I prefer to spend hours watching puppies frolic and play together on a football stadium set in a television studio in Colorado? Watching dozens of little puppies run down the goal line. make a touchdown or tackles one another is far more endearing to me. It gives me such great comfort and joy. And to be fair, there is also the Bissell Kitty Half-Time Show for added enjoyment. Belle and I watch little kittens play on another television set that is filled with sparkling and dangling things to grab the interest of all the kittens.

Today, my favorite was kitten was a little gray cutie who sat completely atop another black and white buddy. The gray kitten completely covered the head and the eyes of the his buddy all the k while gnawing on his/her ear. One the canine field, my favorite puppy was Theodore, a little black rat terrier. Even though I was smitten with a yellow lab puppy named Griffey (maybe owned by a baseball fan like me?) he was ejected early on for un-puppy like behavior. Unnecessary rufffffness.

This game, Animal Planet aired Hall of Fame moments from earlier shows such as Puppy Bowl IV when Jackson, the little Westie pulled off an amazing touchdown. This game, it was Matilda, the beagle who eventually won MVP (Most Valuable Puppy) for her repeated touchdowns despite several tackles. By the way, these pups really do take a toy football and run up and down the little field and score touchdowns over the goal lines.

If you want to see some of this bliss for yourself:

Animal Planet kept repeating the Puppy Bowl all afternoon and evening which allowed me extra time to switch back and forth to the "I Love Lucy" marathon on the Hallmark station. When the second airing ended at 6:00 p.m. and Belle told me it was time for dinner, I decided to channel surf and see what else might be on for a change of pace.

On the Discovery Channel, I landed upon part two of a series called "Jesus: The Complete Story". This immediately captured my attention not because of my occupational bent, but because the show provided historical information as well as a modern perspective that gave me a whole new insight into the life of Jesus. Including confirmation about astrology being a common art during that time. By the way, there were two horoscopes found in the Dead Sea Scrolls and the three Wise Men may actually have been astrologers who had foreseen the birth of the messiah. Oh yeah, and new proof that Jesus was actually born April 17th.

During a commercial break, I thought I would check in on the Super Bowl to guesstimate how much longer the game would be on before Don got home from his party. The score showed that Arizona was ahead, it was the fourth quarter and there was approximately two minutes left in the game (which could last 10 times that in real time). Not liking football but having taking a liking to the coach, Mike Tomlin, I stopped to watch for a few minutes. It looked like a shoe-in for the Cardinals and I decided that I didn't want that to happen. I began to ponder what it might be to shift my thinking and leave room for Pittsburgh to win and I . . . began . . . to . . . watch . . . the Super Bowl.

Yes, it's true. I was sitting on the couch in my living room, watching football all by myself--not even sure if Belle was paying attention anymore. I began to hold the space that Pittsburgh could do better. The next thing that happened was extraordinary to watch, as a player named Holmes ran down the field and somehow caught the ball, making a miraculous touchdown. Holmes! Get it? This play has the same last name as the man who founded my spiritual practice of Religious Science. Could this be happening?

The game wasn't over and Arizona could easily win, so I had to breathe and pay attention to the game. I was watching football and suddenly wanting a team to win even though I didn't have a clue as to what those guys were doing. It happened. The Steelers won Super Bowl XXXXIII.

Joe Namath (who played in the third Super Bowl forty years ago) was chosen as the man to present the Vince Lombardi trophy to the Steelers' owner, and Santonio Holmes was chosen as the MVP. When they brought up to the stand Mike Tomlin as the youngest coach to win a Super Bowl, he said he was "the most blessed coach"--you got that right. And the big guy, the quarterback with the name that is hard to spell, got up and in response to the sports announcer said, " Anything's possible."

By my own volition, I watched till the end of the Super Bowl and cheered at the result.


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