Can you hear me now?

Happy Birthday, Frank Oz.
How can the voice of Miss Piggy be 65 years of age?

And speaking of voices... watching the season finale of "Saturday Night Live" I paused in sweet appreciation of one of the premier television announcers, Don Pardo. Don Pardo is still announcing SNL! How is that possible?

I grew up listening to Don Pardo when he announced for the original "Jeopardy!" game show. He outlasted Art Flemming and went on to a long (and hopefully, lucrative) career for SNL and other television or film productions.

If there is a Voice Over Hall of Fame, Mr. Pardo and the Vin Scully should be charter members.

And right now, I am listening to the feline voice of Linus, The Dude Lebowski who is outside our screen door serenading Jezebelle.

Um, wait, excuse me...gotta run. The screen door just flew open and we have a houseguest.



Anonymous said…
Is Belle fixed with the house guest?

I still have nit seen SNL!

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