Staycation in October

Day One:

Whoda thunk that on my Sunday off from church I would end up spending five and a half hours in the kitchen? Normally,the kitchen is not even a room I spend more than five minutes. However, the clean-up process from the ginormous ant infestation (not ginormous-sized ants but the severity and frequency of their invasion) and subsequent extermination.

It was not an easy decision to choose to have an exterminator come to the house for chemical assistance. Don and I had exhausted ourselves in addition to using all the organic options we knew and to no avail. In fact, it kept getting worse. And we had ClownBoy, aka Beau the kitten, to consider so that he didn't eat the ants who of course, kept going into the cordoned-off, sprayed areas; or for him to clean paws that had marched through the area. Needless to say, the ants found the cats' food and water bowls and it was just downright hopeless.

The onslaught had diminished so it was time to clean the cabinets inside and out and the surrounding areas. Even my small size had difficulty in reaching into the lower pantry cabinets to clear out the debris and then thoroughly wash and rinse everything. While in the midst of this painstaking process, I must have cleared away the anti-ant stuff and hundreds more found their way back in via some crevice or other. I spent over two hours on this task alone. I felt like Sisyphus rolling the sponge over and over only to return and see new hordes of ants where I had just cleaned.

My body is sore and tired from bending, squatting, kneeling and scrubbing so hard for so long.

This morning, we got up at 4:50 a.m. so that Don could take his flight from Sacramento to Baltimore.

Now you can add punchy to my list of ailments.

On the couch is how I am spending Day #2.
Are we having fun yet?


Anonymous said…
So what does attracting ants mean metaphysically? Try as I may I cannot reason this out. Ants do not follow logic - they invade to escape rain water yet they invade bathrooms for water. Business people study ant organization for tips on how to succeed and have content productive employees. Good they are tiny but why so many?
Rev. Duchess said…
I agree. at one point, I was admiring these tiny and resilient creatures. What teamwork and fearlessness.

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