Stormy whether

It is interesting to be on a staycation when the focus is supposed to be on R & R. What I learned is that I have become so pre-occupied and busy in my regular life that I have difficulty in not doing.

For example, the formerly enjoyable and simple act of watching "Jeopardy!'is very different these days. I grew up watching the original "Jeopardy!" program with Art Flemming. It took me years to adjust to not only the evening version but to Alex Trebek as the host. And of course, the voice of Don Pardo as the announcer (he and Vin Scully will always be the premier announcers in my world). As I got older and busier my viewing time diminished; or the program would be on the T.V. while I was bustling about the house doing a dozen other tasks.

Last night, I indulged myself and watched "Jeopardy!" all the way through without doing anything else. There were moments when I wanted to jump and well, do something. Anything. How uncomfortable I was just sitting still and giving the show my full attention. I took it on as an exercise. I did fine the first night. Tonight, I must confess, I had my MacBook open and I wrote during the commercials and boring bits.

Hello, my name is Duchess and I am a multi-tasker.

Given that this week Don is out of town for work, I have the house to myself and the dozens of house projects keep calling to me. Clean this. Organize that. The list goes on and on. Yet, so does the call to rest, read and relax. Oh, to catch up on the stack of magazines and the stacks of new books whispering my name.
Or what about that movie DVD from Netflix?

For the day, I had no T.V. or music on at all. I appreciated the silence embellished only by the sound of the intense windstorm outside. A bright sunshiney day with tree branches rustling and whistling. Must be near Halloween.

Not that you would know it is almost Halloween give the decor in the stores. Alas, once again, I visited my local Hallmark store and had to fight past the front displays filled with Christmas decorations, gifts and cards before I could find anything for Halloween or Thanksgiving. And it wasn't just Hallmark. The other retail stores are following suit.

How can this be? It is only tonight that CBS is airing "The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown."

Maybe the only scary thing this Halloween is the fact that there is movement afoot from the Federal Trade Commission to regulate what we write and read on the Internet to protect us from marketeering. The FTC wants to require bloggers and Facebook users to reveal if they have received any freebies or compensation from companies whose products or services they mention. The failure to disclose could result in an $11,000 fine per incident. (THE WEEK, October 23, 2009).

Argh. Good Grief, Charlie Brown. If only that were true. My heart races at the thought of how much certain companies--who will remain nameless for this post only--would owe me for the years of loving tribute. The words I write here on my private blog when it includes the names of products, movies, T.V. or services is because it is part of my personal experience or my opinion, not my revenue source.

The only commercial ads are ones you will see outside the text of my blog. Everything contained herein is personal and part of my inalienable right to write.

And speaking of being full of hot air, in the midst of the blustering winds of Chico, my cell phone service went kaput. It has been like this since around 11:00 a.m. My electricity and internet service continue to be running just fine but no cell calls. Harumph.

It makes me wonder whether or not it is the Universe supporting me on my Staycation keeping me from sending or receiving calls or whether or not it is time to purchase a new cell phone.

The storm we are whethering is the Blackberry Storm. Don is needing to replace his cell and there is an amazing offer from Verizon that if he buys one for $49 he will get a second phone for free. Realllly? Almost hard to decline. I really enjoy my current EnV cell phone and have finally learned how to text because of its cute little keyboard. With the Storm, I would need to learn how to do that screen scrolling thing that is a bit tricky for those of us with lovely, long nails. Oh yeah, and each phone would also have to subscribe to an internet plan for an additional fee. That was not in the plan I had in mind.

For the record: I have not received any compensation or reciprocal benefit from mentioning any of the public companies written on this blog post.

Stormy weather indeed.


Anonymous said…
Sitting calm is something I have to work at. Working at being calm, what's up with that? How can I be calm if I have to work at it? It is puzzling.


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