To Sur, with Love...

Sur as in SURreal, not Big Sur.

1. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of surrealism; surrealistic.
2. having the disorienting, hallucinatory quality of a dream; unreal; fantastic:

Yep. It's been surreal. The writing, publishing, selling and now, signing copies of my first book process.
(NB: First book, as in, there are more where that came from).

There are many phases of being a writer. First and foremost, actually getting the words to paper (or computer screen). Then somehow putting all the words into a cohesive somethingerother that might make sense for someone other than oneself to actually read. Editing. Re-editing. Not enough editing and yet,finally going to press at the publishers. Out of sight, out of mind at that point, and life goes on.

Then comes the magical day when the UPS truck pulls up and sends the cat running under the bed and boxes of books arrive. Not just any books. Dozens of YOUR book. Ya know, the one you wrote and for which you chose the cover photos?

You remove all the packing paper which you give to the kitten for his amusement and you pull out the first in print, real-life copy of that most magical of tangible items, one's own book. You look it over, you caress it, smell it and then pinch yourself because you still aren't convinced that it is happening after all these years.

Because it had been so long since I actually did the writing part of the book, I knew I needed and wanted to personally familiarize myself with what actually was printed. I asked Don if he would help me do that in a unique way and read it to me. So, at night, Don reads aloud a few of my essays to me before we go to sleep. Talk about your bedtime story!

It is euphoria and surrealism at its peak.

Most of the time, I don't remember having written what is there. Often, I do not even recognize my own voice within the writing (which surprises me). Some pieces are difficult and poignant to hear and re-live. And then there are passages when I laugh at what Don is reading and then I laugh again because I made myself laugh. (Does that make sense?)

This is all new territory.

What now? How does one market and sell the books? How many are to be given away? And what do you say when someone asks you to sign their copy of your book? It was one thing when I signed a few copies to send to family and friends but it was a very different experience when a regular person comes up to you holding the book along with a pen and asks you to (gulp) autograph the book they just bought. Wow.

When this happened to me at church this past Sunday, I wanted to freeze-frame the moment and have the AV operator from On High rewind and play it back for me. "Are you talking to me?" You want me to sign my book for you? Pinch me, but it's true.

For me, I was having an out-of-body experience while wrestling with what inscription to put in the book. "I feel giddy. Oh so, giddy..."

And oh so thankful.

People have asked me how I found the time to write and/or publish a book. Proudly, I proclaim that this book manifested into form because my husband (dba as my editor) Don Converse, answered my question, How May I Love You Today? with hours of his devotion and efforts to turn my dream into a reality.

I am so humbled and grateful by this whole experience. It means so much to me to be published. The fact that anyone else might have an interest in reading what I wrote is delicious. And to experience and hear that someone might actually enjoy reading it is the sweetest icing of all.

Thank you.I so appreciate everyone's interest and support.


For those of you who don't know, "How May I Love You Today?" by Duchess Dale is available at:,, and others.

I love my wife.
Anonymous said…
That was my first question after reading this blog so thanks Don!I cannot wait to read it as I have always loved the trueness of your voice and embodient of spirit in human form :) Congratulations!!!Audrey

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