From Russia, with love ...

Today, December 1, 2009 has been a glorious day.

Waking up to a bright and beautiful morning not feeling any physical, emotional or spiritual discomfort, I felt lighter than I have in far too many months. Beau and I had a lovely spiritual practice together before heading out early to get to the CTNTCSL office. I had to stop at Starbucks to get a soy latte so that $.05 of my purchase would be donated to World Aids Day.
Today's latte was one of the best I have had in a long time and I almost went back so that I could compliment the barista.

The day continued to be easy-going and I noticed that I was laughing, singing (out-loud) and dancing when a favorite "oldie" played on the radio. And every time there was a personally significant romantic song that played, I called and left a message for Don to let him know I was thinking about him.

Even though our (expected) new bed did not arrive today and will be delivered tomorrow, I went ahead and washed the linens in happy anticipation of a mattress that will allow for a comfortable night's sleep.

When I got home from an appointment this evening, Don was not home and I was disappointed because I did not know he had outside errands and I wanted to see him before returning to work. So, I entertained myself by sorting through the mail and there it was... my very first royalty check from AuthorHouse from public sales of MY BOOK! What a rush. I could hardly wait to show Don.

Don arrived shortly thereafter and I was bouncing up and down and sharing my glee with him. He seemed slightly preoccupied in a goofy kinda way. He walks over to me and hugs me and asks if we are going stay married together for the rest of our lives. "What are you talking about? You're acting funny...what's this all about." Don repeats the question and he has a cute little smiley face that I don't usually see. "Just answer my question." Okay, okay. "Yes, I love you and we are going to stay married for the rest of our lives. "Good. Then you accept this diamond ring." And his grin widens as he hands me a small, black velvet pouch.

OMG! I got all giggly and teary and bouncy and I could hardly open the little pouch. Inside was my original engagement ring with a gorgeous new diamond in the setting. The sparkleosity was amazing--it's beautiful!

What was even more beautiful that caught my heart in addition to the sparkle in my eye is that my husband had remembered a promise he made to me when he first proposed with my engagement ring. Don felt that my ring was lovely and delicate but did not have a diamond to match the brilliance of our love and he promised he would replace it for me on a subsequent anniversary. I thought that was a sweet and generous offer but never felt as if I wanted to hold him to that or have any future expectations about it. But he remembered and he kept his word and that means more to me than I can tell you. Somehow the little kid in me heard lots of promises in her life but had learned to not hope or expect that just because someone makes a promise that he or she can keep it--no matter how much they mean it at the time. My husband is a man of his word and I respect and love him for that.

As I was preparing my dinner, Don mentioned that the jeweler Kirk got my diamond from Russia. I was elated by that bit of information. I have a great passion and connection with Russia (I feel certain I lived in the time of the Romanovs) and that made my diamond all the more special to me.

Yep. A beautiful new diamond from Russia, with love from Don.



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