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The seventh day of the week, Saturday, observed as the day of rest and worship by the Jews and some Christian sects. Exodus 20:8-11
The first day of the week, Sunday, observed as the day of rest and worship by most Christians. Friday is the Sabbath for Muslims.
(sometimes lowercase) a period of prayer or rest.
Rest period. Rest. Period.

This concept of Sabbath is what I am prayerfully contemplating on this the first Saturday of January, 2009 because I had "one of those weeks" where I was already running around like it was the last week of an old year with tons of last minute action items to complete before expiration. Does the run-on sentence begin to give you a feel for what I mean?

My weary and haggard reflection in the mirror, belied the fact that it was only one week into the new year. I was not amused and I knew I had to take a different look at things. Today's daily guide in the Science of Mind Magazine had a quote that put it all into perspective for me:

Two weeks and counting . . .

There are two more weeks before the inauguration of our new President in this new year.

Recently, I received an e-mail from the Obama organization offering a chance to win a ticket to the Inauguration. Not sure what the criteria might be for how they select the winners --whether it is a random drawing and/or based on the essay they asked us to write as to what the Inauguration means to me. Initially, I dismissed the idea of entering or writing something as I guesstimated they will probably choose very specific people to represent certain aspects of the new order. Yet, I woke up this morning with my essay writing itself through me and I decided that whether or not I win, the fact that I am being offered this opportunity was a grand thing. And I know that what I write and set out in my intention does make a difference so I wanted to share it and make it real:

What doesn't this inauguration (and Presidency) mean to me?

For the first time, since I was a child in the Kennedy era, I can w…