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Happy 25th Birthday, my dear Mac

Can it really be 25 years since you arrived in the world?
I could not let this auspicious day go by without an electronic acknowledgment of the birth of the Macintosh computer by Apple.

As I type on the worn-out keyboard of my MacBook proudly beaming at this being one of the longest relationships I have shared. For my wasband, David and I had one of the very first Macs. Those cute little box versions that had the itty-bitty screen and the CPU all in one? I think it was all of 256k . . . It was the only way I learned to use a computer and have never owned a PC other than a Mac. (Yes, for the sake of healthy bi-partisanship, I have worked on other computers but not owned them).

Because of my Mac, this Southern California girl learned how to surf (the web) and how to talk (in chat rooms). I became so facile along with my loyalty that I became a member of e-World which was an internet Chat Room on steroids that was only for Mac users. There were hundreds of different 'communities'…

Fierce urgency of now..

Initially, between reaching for the tissue box and changing channels from MSNBC and CNN, I began to write this post before today's Inauguration celebration. Then I got so caught up in watching all the televised events that I decided to wait until after the swearing in of the 44th President of these United States.

There is something so profoundly amazing and empowering that I am joining thousands upon thousands of people who are either glued to their television or attending in person events to share in this auspicious day. It is a wonderful opportunity to be watching so much media coverage on something positive for a change (for a change..., get it?) instead of watching a national tragedy. We are watching a national positivity.

Never before have I felt such a combination of humility and jubilation. It began yesterday with having the electronic privilege of viewing Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s full speech that he gave August 23, 1963 in front of the Lincoln Monument. We have a…