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Week O' Chico

Guess I was the last to know.
It appears that now within the new administration, Congress has decided to join the New Generation and 'advertise' on YouTube.
Wow. What a clever and innovative idea.

Even satirist commentator, Lewis Black on "The Daily Show" gave his editorial essay on the state of the Union going cyber. I laughed when he showed a clip from one of the rather flat presentations from a Congressman and then showed a very lively clip from a young man in junior high. Black made a comment about the difference being that at least the youth know how to use a Mac to good advantage.

This week, we have been expanding our Chico-ness.

We went to see a production of "Fiddler on the Roof" here at the Chico Threatre Company. We went to see and cheer on one of our practitioner members, Diana Leadbeatter who was playing the part of Yente, the Matchmaker.

It was a smallish size theatre with maybe seats for a little over a hundred people and not a very large sta…

From Jesus to Holmes -- "... Anything's possible."

Never say never....

OK, so I am totally stoked and delighted that my annual canine holiday had finally arrived. After church service and a vision meeting, I came home curled up on the couch with my kittygirl, Jezebelle and we turned on Animal Planet to watch Puppy Bowl V. Ahhhhh.

Even though this is the fifth year for this cable special, I find that many people still don't know about this annual love-fest. Truly, this is video heaven for me. Yet, I know that the majority of the planet instead focus on something called the Super Bowl. This is a year-end major sporting event for the two best football teams in the NFL. This year, it was played between the Pittsburgh Steelers ( the team I was rooting for even though I don't understand or really care for football) and the Arizona Cardinals (who has the more attractive quarterback, Kurt Warner).

It is not unusual for me to not be mainstream. Does it matter if I prefer to spend hours watching puppies frolic and play together on a …