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What's the diff?

There are so many little quirky coinky-dinks happening of late, that I just have to make note of them here.

On the eve of the 200th birthday of Abraham Lincoln, I want to mention that I went to the Chico library to not only apply for a library card ( they sure require more ID these days to check out books) and be a full-fledged Chicoan; and to get a few books on Lincoln to find some significant quotes for my newsletter and talk this week. Those facts are not the cosmic bits to which I bring your attention. At the checkout stand, the clerk took note of the number of Lincoln books I had collected and asked if I was a teacher. "Yes, in a manner of speaking...did you know this is the 200th anniversary of his birthday?" The clerk seemed disappointingly non-plussed. Until I gasped when he stamped the return date card and it said February 12th. He looked up to me and I explained that I found it ironic that these Lincoln books were due back on his actual birthday. "Oh, is …