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The ducks don't mind...

...the rain.
We have emerged from a major, much-needed rainstorm here in Chico. And while I witnessed humans struggling to weather the weather, presumably to not get wet or cold, I also noticed the ducks and geese that live at Lakeside Pavilion (where our church is) actually like the rain and cold.

Being a city-girl all my life, I had not really seen ducks or geese in any kind of natural habitat. My primary experience with ducks is usually the Warner Brothers kind and well, animated and daffy. So, it has been a delight to watch these ducks and geese do what they do naturally. In childlike wonderment, I tried to figure out where they go to sleep at night or how they keep warm. The fact is, they sleep right there by the pond and on the ground; and some, even stay in the pond or lake. Which means the rain doesn't bother them a whit.

I rather like the rain myself but frankly, do not feel I would do as well sitting outside all day long and into the cold night. Those feathers keep th…