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Bed, Bath and Beyonce'

Sunday night's Academy Awards show was really wonderful. And I know I already wrote about it earlier this week but I had neglected to mention how pleased I was to see the musical tribute to...well, movie musicals. Yah.
Beyonce' was an interesting addition for the number. (BTW, I don't know how to make the little grammatical mark correctly above the 'e' in her name.)
For me, I appreciated her pulchritudinous performance.

Tuesday night, was the first address to Congress by President Obama.
I called Don to have him record it for me as I was teaching class at church. The broadcast did not actually start at 6:00 p.m. as scheduled, so when I called Don to be sure he had set up the VCR (yes, Virginia, we still own a VCR ...) he put the phone up to the television so I could hear the announcement, "The President of the United States..." When I got home at 10:00 p.m. we watched it together. And once again, I felt such gratitude and joy to see and hear our Presiden…

O, Danny Boyle...

'81, I won!
Woohoo. It took until the 81st Annual Academy Awards but finally . . .
The Duchess won!
...for best costumes.
Oh well, it was still sweet to hear my name announced as an Oscar winner.

Tonight, Don and I watched the 81st Annual Academy Awards. With my career having moved so far away from Hollywood, it was also the first time I had not even endeavoured to see all the major nominees. Out of all the films and performances, I guess I saw four-- "Mama Mia!" "Ironman", "The Dark Knight" and "Wall-E". We wanted to see "Benjamin Button" and "Slumdog" before the winners were announced but alas, didn't happen.

The program tonight began incredibly early and oddly, on the half-hour. Guess that was to give it an early start so they could do many of the new presentations for the nominees. As talented and as cute as Hugh Jackman is, I was not wowed by his hosting skills, nor did it really seem necessary with how most o…