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Diamond jubilee

It may have felt like 60 years but it is now only 31 days till Opening Day of the 2009 Baseball season.

Okay, that important tidbit on the books, let's turn towards a different diamond reflection.

Last night, we viewed a DVD of the award-winning film, "Breakfast at Tiffany's". Most will find it hard to believe that I had never seen the film. Of course, I grew up with the music, the film clips and the elegant photos of Ms. Hepburn; and, not to mention (but I will) a penchant for the blue box. The now legendary blue box with white satin ribbon that is the Tiffany's trademark.

As a little girl in New York, I do recall walking by the store on Fifth Avenue. I do not recall ever going inside until I was a big girl living in San Diego and there was a store in the Fashion Valley Shopping Mall. While walking on one's way to Nordstrom, what's a girl to do but stop at gaze longingly into Tiffany's windows? The film does a sweet homage to the store; as does th…