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Two Friday the Thirteenth's in a row.
March 13, 2009. A good day. Maybe even lucky depending on your P.O.V.

Beautiful pre-Spring day in Chico. Day off from work and I chose to make it a real day off. (i.e. I only ran two errands for work and only did one load of laundry).

Don and I went to lunch at a (new to us) restaurant, El Patron on Notre Dame Blvd. Really very good. Glad I only ordered their mini-burrito because it was very un-mini and very tasty. We ran our errands at Office Depot and Bed, Bath, Beyond and the post office. Then we went to Fusion T-Bar. Luckily, it turned out to be Happy Hour and we got our tea beverages for 1/2 off the usual price. The place was filled with young people spilling out onto the patio sipping their iced tea drinks and chatting happily on their cell phones with each other.
(I am eager to bring Dharlene Fahl-Brittain up here to see this store dedicated to unique teas).

Perhaps the luckiest piece of the day is having rented a film called, "…

March 10, 1974

Okay, so even with my minimal math skills, I can calculate that 1974 was 35 years ago.
Oy. gulp.
What's the big deal, you might be asking?

It was 35 years ago today that I showed up on the M.G.M. lot in Culver City making my screen debut in the film, "The Sunshine Boys" with Walter Matthau and George Burns. I still celebrate and acknowledge this personally auspicious day.

Although my little scene (which happily did not end up on the cutting room floor) was not with Walter or Mr. Burns, I had the good fortune to work with Richard Benjamin that day. This was a young actors dream . . . a big movie debut with two major motion picture stars on the most fabulous movie lot ever. What a day that was. I have only the fondest of memories of how I earned my Screen Actors Guild card and an enduring admiration and gratitude for Walter Matthau's influence and presence in my life. And I made sure that while I was on that lot, I walked around enough to know tha…