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A Lil' of this...a Lil of that...

Does anyone else find it interesting that two of the 'contenders' on both "Dancing with the Stars" and "American Idol" are both named Lil?
Okay, I know the young woman dancing is Lil' (as in 'little")-- and the other woman, singing on "Idol" has the first name Lil. Yet you don't see either use of that name or description very often. And then to have it be the monikers of two African-American women on current reality television, is for me, a point of interest.

So, what's in a name? Y'all know my predilection for alliteration especially when it shows up as someones name.

Shalon Schoop is a baseball player on the team for the Netherlands in the World Baseball Classic. According to the little text blurb under his name when he comes up for bat, it stated that he is being considered for the San Francisco Giants. Sweeeeeet. If I have to become a Giants fan, at least, I might have a name to distract and amuse me AND help to amel…