30 March, 2009

Do you suffer from writers tension?

I do.

All too often, I erroneously mix my tenses when I write (but never when I drive). Yeah, and there is that chronic problem I have with it's and its.
And I appreciate the tolerance and patience my regular readers share about my grammartosis.

Some of my bloopers are from hasty typing and from my mind moving faster than my fingers. Other errors come from being absent so often during school that I missed many classes in English and in typing (I still cannot do the numbers on a keyboard without looking).

I can say that I am making an effort to get my ducks in a row and correct the error of my ways.

Sloppy or incomplete education, the lazy habits of our current advertising media that have become almost subliminal and the free-form style of the Internet, have left me with shoddy language and writing skills. This inadequacy is not something for which I am comfortable to admit.

Blessed are the editors.

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