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I Tunes

OK, so I have this quirky thing about me... I often send myself messages while sleeping or just as I am about to wake up by 'playing' popular songs as nocturnal Muzak.
That is, I often wake up with a very specific song running over and over in my mind. Unlike many dreams I may have had, these songs come through clearly enough for me to identify them. Then the fun begins, because I have the charge to ascertain what the heck Spirit was trying to say to me using these tunes.

Sometimes, a song will play ad nauseum in my head upon awakening because it might have been the last song I heard on the car radio before turning it off; or because, it is a song or chant that I have hoped would play on a loop so that I could use it as a musical mantra.

And then there are the songs that are clearly playing on the Dream Jukebox for a very specific reason. I pay attention to these songs because they speak to me in a language I can understand. The music and lyrics are familiar and often have pe…