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There has been so much happening the past 10 days that I have had little time to do the things that bring me peace of mind, comfort and joy. Quite often life--especially in my line of work--can throw one curves and detours that re-route us even from the best of intentions.

And with that awareness bumping up against my body telling me we have overdood it, I took charge and began to reinstate a few of the things that keep me sane. Writing is very high on that list so I am making a concerted effort to get back to this blog and my newsletter. Walking is one of the other avenues that support me.

Therefore, I am going to write about the walk I just took.

Another full day at work with a lot of tasks, projects and people vying for attention, I made it clear to Susan, our office administrator here at the church that I needed to take a walk and it would also be a good time for us to connect. Fortunately, the time came where we had to go or else she would need to leave and I would be left to fen…