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Tea and Sympathy

tea–noun 1.the dried and prepared leaves of a shrub, Camellia sinensis, from which a somewhat bitter, aromatic beverage is prepared by infusion in hot water.2.the shrub itself, extensively cultivated in China, Japan, India, etc., and having fragrant white flowers. Compare tea family.3.the beverage so prepared, served hot or iced.4.any kind of leaves, flowers, etc., so used, or any plant yielding them.5.any of various infusions prepared from the leaves, flowers, etc., of other plants, and used as beverages or medicines.

Earlier this week, I was privileged to be included in a special tea being presented by the Muslim Women of Chico to honor Greg Mortenson on his visit to Chico State University. This author of of "Three Cups of Tea" has created such a following, such immense popularity that his lecture tonight was sold out and broadcast to a full house in two rooms only showing him on a simulcast video. And for these Muslim women, he is of deific proportions because of the chang…

Fowl weather

It isn't just here in Chico that the weather is unseasonably hot. It was almost 100 degrees in San Diego and the 90s here. We are not amused.
Heat + Duchess do not make a good match.

Yet, it is gorgeous outside. Incredible how Chico wears Spring. Awesome blue skies, white clouds and flowers popping up everywhere. And then there is Mother Nature's contribution to the season.

Our church center is located in California Park where we have two man-made lakes that surround us which is happily populated with geese and ducks. Spring has now shown its special glory with a profusion of new goslings and ducklings. Remember I am a dyed-in-the-wool city girl and I have never seen real-life baby geese or ducks except on television or in the movies.

Yesterday, I needed a break and reminded myself that I am in a beautiful natural setting and despite the hot weather, I had to be outside. Weeks ago, I brought in to my office some rice cakes to have on hand should I feel so inclined as to fe…