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It's astonishing to me that only one week ago tonight, I was having one of the more important nights of my professional life:

The official name change of our church to the Chico New Thought Center for Spiritual Living; and my installation in that community as their Pastor and Spiritual Leader.

How is it that such a seminal event can take place in ones life that requiring weeks of preparation of planning and then that event transpires so quickly that you can hardly believe a week has already passed? I am barely catching up with the glimmer let alone the thank you notes.

Before we moved to Chico, people always commented immediately "Chico? Yeah, that's the party town." They were right. Chicoans (and a whole bunch of robed up revs) know how to throw quite a party.

It was pouring rain last Friday night. Not what I would have chosen for this gala event but such as it was, it was perfect and the ions in the air added to the electricity. My friend Evelyn later comforted me b…