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A typical day in Chico

Having a full day off and feeling better after a two-day bout of some sorta 'bug, Don and I set out to run a few brief errands before the temperature reached it's expected 100 degrees today.

Since we had been 'under par' lately, neither of us had any coffee for the past few days, so the first order of business was a trip to Starbucks. Being that it was one year ago that Don and I ventured from San Diego up here to Chico to interview with the Board of Trustees, I decided I wanted to go to the Starbucks on the outskirts of town on Nord Avenue. This was where we stopped after we drove from the airport and I was looking for a place to change clothes and put on my make-up before my 1:00 p.m. interview.

The restroom at the Starbucks had such poor lighting I didn't want to risk putting on my make-up and looking like a cosmetic anomaly. It was 12:40 and we didn't have much time. While waiting for our drinks, I called my friend, Jessi who lives in Kentucky to ask her …

Shadow walk

Having slept well last night, I awakened early this morning and after my prayer time, I decided to go for a walk.

For numerous reasons, I haven't been taking my morning meditation walks. Yet, today I knew it was a strong enough call to be outside than the worry about whether or not my knee would endure it. I put on two elastic bandage wraps to give my left knee and my right ankle the added support it would require and off I went.

On this glorious spring morning here in Chico, I felt keenly aware of my being.
I was omnipresent with all the physical, intellectual and spiritual aspects of who I was moving through the air and on top of the cement. I even took a modified route so that I was not walking by rote and could be open to the possibilities around me.

There a lot more bicyclists in this town than in San Diego or Los Angeles. People ride bikes here for pleasure and purpose. I pondered the idea of getting a bike. Bikes these days are so cool! The colors and designs are very des…