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Rodger, Dodger!

Animals are just the best--that's a fact.

Yesterday afternoon, while enjoying an iced beverage at Barnes & Noble, Don and I were reflecting on our animania week and greatly missing Linus' presence and energy on the block. I proffered that I wondered how long it would be before our new canine family member made itself known. It was simultaneously that Don noticed over my shoulder the new book I had just purchased, Animals Make Us Human: Creating the Best Life for Animalsby Temple Grandin and Catherine Johnson. We both smiled.

Our day was full and it had been quite warm so we postponed our walk till the evening after dinner. My pragmatism kicked in and I thought that instead of mailing a letter to a nearby business, we could walk there instead and drop it off. As we were walking down the block, something nudged me and I back-tracked to return our house to get my pocket flashlight. While inside the house, I took note that I also picked up my reading glasses and hung them …


Mid-week, we saw that John was at the house and Don went over to check on Linus' status.

Of course, they were not going to abandon Linus (or Oreo) they love them. The housemates were just busy getting moved and settled. John said they had not gotten the letter or the cat toys we left for them so they couldn't have called or sent us an e-mail. And yes, that is why they left the garage door up a foot so that the cats could come and go to get food and shelter.

I never really thought anyone would abandon Linus --my overactive maternal worry-wart persona kicked in and well, frankly, if I am to be fully honest (and why wouldn't I?) I kinda hoped that Linus could join our family so it was easy to go into a "what-if" scenario that would give us the adoption option.

When we walked back to the house the next day, I felt myself clutch because the garage door was fully up and the place empty. I saw that Oreo was on the front doorstep eating and out of the corner of my eye, I…


Well, when last I wrote, Linus aka The Dude had made his way into the house.
This was a big deal.

He had ignored our earlier invitation to come in but something moved him to return to our doorstep and plead a new case.

Okay, I had earlier in the day combed him and taken a wet washcloth over his very dirty coat. He was surprisingly receptive and trusting. More so than I ever experienced with one of my own animals. In fact, he seemed to relish the attention and care. So we decided that since Linus would soon be moving away and Belle was clearly smitten, we would risk allowing him in the house for a farewell visit.

Linus strode in oh so casually and made his way around the house with a sense of calm interest. Belle was alert and attentive. She made that very unique purr sound that we have only heard her use when Linus was on the other side of the screen door. Linus made the rounds including walking past Belle's food and water dishes without stopping. Belle took note and when Linus ma…

Can you hear me now?

Happy Birthday, Frank Oz.
How can the voice of Miss Piggy be 65 years of age?

And speaking of voices... watching the season finale of "Saturday Night Live" I paused in sweet appreciation of one of the premier television announcers, Don Pardo. Don Pardo is still announcing SNL! How is that possible?

I grew up listening to Don Pardo when he announced for the original "Jeopardy!" game show. He outlasted Art Flemming and went on to a long (and hopefully, lucrative) career for SNL and other television or film productions.

If there is a Voice Over Hall of Fame, Mr. Pardo and the Vin Scully should be charter members.

And right now, I am listening to the feline voice of Linus, The Dude Lebowski who is outside our screen door serenading Jezebelle.

Um, wait, excuse me...gotta run. The screen door just flew open and we have a houseguest.