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Last night, we experienced the most awesome thunder and lightning storm I have ever seen (and heard). It made the Southern California storms pale in contrast to the magnitude and intensity.

What made it all the more intense was the fact that Don and I were watching the end of our rental DVD of "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button".
Now I do not wish to give away anything about the film for those who have yet to see it, however, I can safely say that there is a recurring piece about lighting striking one of the characters and it got to be that every time the film referred to that character being struck by lighting, the lighting hit outside our window. And then as the film story culminated in Hurricane Katrina arriving, it was matched by our own freak storm in Chico. A bit of freak-i-tude as the thunder cracked hard, the sky lit up and the power went down.

Belle was already skittish when the storm began to break loose. I quickly put Rescue Remedy in her water in hopes she w…

The Gooseyear Blimp

"Hush, little baby, don't you cry..."
Even in the midst of a huge emotional moment where I find myself in throes of sobbing, I take note and appreciate the synchronicity of the universe.

Just as I succumbed to that sob, the oldies radio station was playing the 1966 one-hit wonder, rock version of "Summertime" by Billy Stewart and the lyric that echoed was "Hush, little babeeeeee, don't you cry...".
Weird and wonderful.

So, what do I have to cry about?
Nothing. Everything.
After all, in addition to being voted "Miss Dictionary" in Junior High School, I was also voted as the person with the biggest tear ducts (but that wouldn't fit in the yearbook under my name).

This morning, on my my way into work, I stopped at MY neighborhood Starbucks. And the barista happened to mention that they were staying open late next week for the PV High School graduation and... that they were closing the store on June 19th. I clutched and grappled for my beari…