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Summer has arrived here in Chico.

Summer appears to be different here than in Los Angeles or San Diego. People really seem to be summerized--not only with the temperatures rising, Bodega black gnats picnicing on mylegs; but people actually go out of town here during the summer. People travel and the CSU campus is dormant. The energy is different. Guess in the larger cities either people don't need or have to travel out of town as much; or, because the cities are larger, it is not as noticeable when hundreds of people vacate.

I am finding my way in the downshifting that takes place here. There doesn't seem to be less to do at work per se, yet I feel a lighter load that is allowing me to partake of other things. even though I crave sitting down and writing about all the things that have gone on of late. Yes, I could talk about the great clouds and skies here in Chico; or the fact that our favorite, local Starbucks closed last Friday night (yes, I was there that night till t…