23 June, 2009


Summer has arrived here in Chico.

Summer appears to be different here than in Los Angeles or San Diego. People really seem to be summerized--not only with the temperatures rising, Bodega black gnats picnicing on mylegs; but people actually go out of town here during the summer. People travel and the CSU campus is dormant. The energy is different. Guess in the larger cities either people don't need or have to travel out of town as much; or, because the cities are larger, it is not as noticeable when hundreds of people vacate.

I am finding my way in the downshifting that takes place here. There doesn't seem to be less to do at work per se, yet I feel a lighter load that is allowing me to partake of other things. even though I crave sitting down and writing about all the things that have gone on of late. Yes, I could talk about the great clouds and skies here in Chico; or the fact that our favorite, local Starbucks closed last Friday night (yes, I was there that night till the end. Being that this was our first community hangout here in Chico, I kinda hoped for a finale episode ala "Cheers" or "Mary Tyler Moore" but it was not to be had) but I have opted for other distractions.

Like going to the movies.

Having just returned from seeing the new "Star Trek" feature film, I am happy to report that is was a wonderful movie-and I am not a Trekkie. This film was perfectly cast and I really enjoyed the story, directing and acting. It was good enough to make me want to view a few old episodes and perhaps rent a few of the early film versions. For me, this prequel was better than the "Star Wars" ones; and I reiterate, I am not a Trekkie.

Last night, we went to see "Up" the last animated feature from Pixar.
Neither Don nor I expected to be so emotionally wrought by this wonderful film. We had just dealt with some personal things that had us stirred up and thought that seeing this movie would be a fun distraction. Instead, it opened up emotional channels and tender realizations that were quite poignant and significant. I marveled that it was as mature as it was considering it is really a movie for kids. Yet, I know that Disney has certainly produced many a new film that shows a darker or deeper side of life than that of the Disney films that I grew up watching.

Don't let the title fool you, bring tissues and enjoy. It also served as a great reminder of how precious life is and that I am eager for our dog to find us so that I can name him after Doug the Dog in the film.

For those of you on animal patrol for us, we are getting closer. Don had originally promised me a new dog when we moved and finally occupied the new house but it has not been the right timing. And for me, my dogs have always preceded their arrival by visiting me in my dreams. For the record, I have been having lots of canine visitations. So much so, that I am now unclear as to which breed (even though I have waking preferences) and whether or not it will be a puppy or an adult dog.

Actually, I would like to have two dogs and add one more cat to our family. I have never had a kitten and I think it would be just the thing for Belle to give her renewed purpose. Animals do better in packs. Oooh, maybe a six-pack? Just kidding...

Live long and prosper!

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