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My first kitten

Motherhood at my age? YES.

Don and I had been talking about adding to our family and the plans are to adopt a dog or puppy around my birthday. Yet, lately we had been noticing how much Belle appreciated her visits with Linus. When he moved away she seemed a bit doleful. After my visit to a friend's house who has three cats and a dog, Belle began sleeping on the sandals I wore there. Don and I began to talk to her about maybe getting a kitten for her as a companion that she could train and then work our way up to a dog.

When Rev. Jill stopped by the office last week with photos of the litter of kittens her cat had on May 5th, there was the one photo that was picture postcard adorable. Something clicked in me. "Is that a little boy?" Jill wasn't sure. She said some of the kittens were already spoken for and she was not sure about the gray and white.

I came home and told Don and he said he had been talking to Belle and they agreed it was a good idea. I dashed to t…