04 July, 2009

My first kitten

Motherhood at my age? YES.

Don and I had been talking about adding to our family and the plans are to adopt a dog or puppy around my birthday. Yet, lately we had been noticing how much Belle appreciated her visits with Linus. When he moved away she seemed a bit doleful. After my visit to a friend's house who has three cats and a dog, Belle began sleeping on the sandals I wore there. Don and I began to talk to her about maybe getting a kitten for her as a companion that she could train and then work our way up to a dog.

When Rev. Jill stopped by the office last week with photos of the litter of kittens her cat had on May 5th, there was the one photo that was picture postcard adorable. Something clicked in me. "Is that a little boy?" Jill wasn't sure. She said some of the kittens were already spoken for and she was not sure about the gray and white.

I came home and told Don and he said he had been talking to Belle and they agreed it was a good idea. I dashed to the phone to leave a message for Jill and told her that if the gray and white was indeed a little boy and he was still available, we would like to come and meet him.

I shoulda known... well, I guess, I did.

Being that it was before the holiday weekend, we had a small window of time to meet and visit before Rev. Jill left. Don and I went over there on Wednesday evening to Jill's house and she greeted us at the door holding the kitten.

He had us at meow . . .

Momma Cat and her four kittens came downstairs to join us. My years of watching television commercials and the Half-Time Kitty Bowl on New Years Day barely prepared me for the gleeful vision of real kittens frolicking and playing with one another,tumbling and scampering around.

There was one tabby and two black and white kittens, too. But there was no doubt in my mind and seeing the gleam in Don's eyes, I knew we were smitten with that kitten.

It suddenly became clear that we needed to choose now because Jill would be gone till Monday. Jill even offered us a "kitty-back guarantee" if he didn't work out. We either had to take the little guy home now or wait. Wait? WAIT?
Yeah, right.

Jill brought us a big blanket and we scooped him up and headed towards home. It didn't matter that my car was still at the church. It didn't matter that we didn't have kitten food or other supplies ready. It only mattered that we brought him home and did our best to introduce Belle to her new baby brother.

When we arrived, I stayed in the car and Don got Belle and brought her out to see us. Then we quickly MacGyvered our way into action. Don threw together a makeshift kitty litter tray for the bathroom, put down a bowl of water and then kitten and I went in there together while Don took Belle aside to tell her.

I sat on the bathroom floor with this little guy and talked to him, sang to him and welcomed him into our lives with prayer. Soon he was asleep in my arms and it didn't matter that my butt was falling asleep from the cold tile floor; or that I was getting a crick in my neck. We tested out some names and for the rest of the evening and temporarily named him Dudley--as in Do Right. I had wanted to name him Smudge because of the little gray goatee under his chin, but Don didn't feel that was noble enough for him.

The next morning, Don had gotten the idea of the name Beauregard.
It immediately felt right and he became our Beau. When he gets to be an old cat, I imagine him as Colonel Beauregard.

It has been a blessing to have the holiday weekend to be new parents. Who needs to go away? We have the best entertainment in town. We have been doing double-duty to be sure that everyone is healthy and happy. The first time that they were in the same room at the same time, Beau began to march up to see the big furry friend and Belle hissed so hard that Beau's little ears flattened and he froze in his tracks. The intrepid knight meeting up with the big scary dragon.

Belle spends most of her time hissing and hiding. I am juggling how to feed them as he willingly eats her food (not a good thing) and she greedily, eats his food and drinks his water. Beau is fearless and continues to stare her down as she continues to snarl and fret. Yet, there is progress and constant entertainment.

We don't need your stinkin' fireworks here.

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