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Look! A chicken...

No, actually a kitten.

Many people who have seen the cartoon or T-shirt with the reference, "Look! a chicken" understand that it lovingly chides and refers to people with seemingly short attention spans.

In less than three weeks since Beauregard has joined our family, I now have a renewed appreciation of the Warner Brothers cartoons; and I have gained a deeper insight into my own biological and emotional behavior.

For lo these many years, I have known (and recently have the official diagnosis to boot) that I was a child with ADD. Now, I have come to understand that no, I am really only a human kitten.

When I was very young, I recall one evening when my mother and grandmother invited this nice man over to the house. He was dressed in a suit and carried what I thought was a briefcase. The three of them whispered in one room for awhile and soon they brought out four different cups on saucers and placed them on the coffee table in the living room.

I always loved the smell of coffe…