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"Gonna take, a sentimental journey..."

That was the song playing overhead as I sat drinking my soy latte in the Starbucks this morning. Did I mention that I am in San Diego this week? OH and did I mention that there is a full Starbucks IN THE HOTEL LOBBY??!!! (Oh joy, oh rapture).

I smiled at the irony of hearing that song and being in San Diego lo, just shy of a year after having moved to Chico. Looking out at the Coronado Bridge outside my hotel window and appreciating the beautiful downtown skyline and yes, the cooler weather does feel slightly sentimental. And a bit weird.

And for the record, I am posting this blog while sitting in the lobby of the Sheraton using their free wireless and I am typing on a PC. Nyah. So there.

It is a full week here at the summer conference, New Thought, New World for the International Centers for Spiritual Living. I have already seen a bunch of familiar faces within ICSL, UCSL and UCORS. (I will let you enjoy trying to figure out the rest of those acronyms.) Personally, I …