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4 August, 2009

This year as I embark upon my birthday awareness and celebration, I get the added bonus of acknowledging today as being the birthday of My/Our President Obama. Of course, it was his birthday last year on this day but I didn't know it so it didn't count...for me. And isn't that how life works anyway? Where we place our attention and energy is what matters and this year, I celebrate Barack Obama being a Leo, too.

I am watching myself observe mySelf this birthday.

Last year, as I approached my birthday, I knew I was coming up on the one year anniversary of my birthday without My Mom; and additionally, the anniversary of her death on the 7th. I treated myself delicately around that and was also fairly preoccupied getting ready to move to Chico a few weeks. This year, I am now in Chico and my mother's been gone two years.

Do I feel older this year? Yes, dammit.
Do I feel wiser this year? Yes, gratefully.
Do I feel anything differently? Yes, about a lot of things in a lot …