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Cycles or circles?

During my talk on Sunday, I mentioned that right now, for me, it feels similar to the cycle of time when I am growing out my hair and it is at an in-between length feeling unruly and unattractive. Only last month, my hair used to be easy to style and I know how nice it is going to look when it gets longer; but for right now, hand me a baseball cap.

Are there baseball caps that fit around one's life?

For whatever cycle or phase I am moving through it feels unruly, unattractive and the frizzy bits are sticking out. For the most part, everything looks just fine and blessedly, there is no real drama or crisis but there is a lot of shtuff to manage and I feel less than fluid in my attention to all that requires my time.

This morning, I took my walk around the Pleasant Valley High School track to get my mile in before heading off to work. Today is also the first day back at school. (As a kid, I think I might have liked the idea of starting back to school earlier in the summer and in the …