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At 2:18 yesterday, I celebrated that we are now finally into Autumn.

Just that knowledge alone allows me to rally over the searing heat and the hotter temperaments of late.

Last week was difficult at every turn. And I shall not even mention Mercury being splayed into retrograde. Dropped communications, mechanical breakdowns, a power outage (metaphor doesn't allude me there) and overwhelm. Things rose to a fevered-pitch and somehow, we prevailed. For the most part.

There are still the mosquitoes. It seems I am quite the delicacy of late.

Having been up since 4:00 a.m. I was able to get to the PV High School track early enough to do my laps before school started for the day. I love being on the track early in the morning or right at sunset when no one else is around and I can think out loud.

On my way back, the hustle and bustle of students and faculty arriving on campus afforded me that brief glimpse into the window of human behavior. I felt I was a witness to …