01 October, 2009

My Favorite Month

Happy Birthday, Walter Matthau.
Happy Birthday, Wunjo.

Yay, it's October.

Just watched a wonderfully American Express commercial showing creative real-life versions of our familiar and favorite 'smiley face' icon, using an exquisite rendition of Bach's cello concerto as the soundtrack.

Thassal for now.

"Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf's a flower." Albert Camus

29 September, 2009

Peewee, Panties and Junior

Isn't it wonderful to actually need the covers on your bed? That translates into the fact that the weather is changing and it is getting cool enough to warrant using a sheet, a light blanket and maybe, just maybe your bedspread.
Oh, I love autumn.

It was overcast and chilly this morning and I couldn't be happier about it. It only added to my exhilaration of working from home today. I set about doing chores and tasks while listening to show tunes and chasing Beau around the house.

Today, Starbucks introduced their new brew to go, Via. I had already commandeered a few sample packets and was able to 'brew' some for Don to take on the road for his business trip. Of course, I also went to the local Starbucks this morning and had a free sample while I was waiting for my Dirty Soy Chai Latte. OK, if one has to have 'instant' coffee--and there are only a very few reasons I can fathom that necessity--I guess it will do nicely. I am just too much of a snob and want my freshly brewed java, thank you.

Even though I filled every minute of the day productively, there is way more to do. I managed to get to the high school track by 6:30 p.m. for my workout. It was a gorgeous evening as the winds picked up more speed than I did. I had a delightful time sharing the track with five different cheerleading squads and two footballs teams.

I tried to pay attention to the boys in the center of the field as they were doing practice. I was hoping that by watching the youth play I might be able to figure something out and maybe get some insight to this game that fascinates so many. But instead, I fascinated myself with wondering what it would have been like to watch Don when he played football in high school. Or what it might have been like if he was on the team and I was on the sidelines learning to cheer. Would we have met and liked each other in our youth?

It gave me no end of pleasure to watch all these young women who were both of junior high and high school age practice their drills and cheers. Some girls, fully enthralled with their activity and others barely marking time. Maturity eluding them at this juncture.

It was so endearing to watch them try to not be self-conscious about their skills - or lack thereof - while weathering the blustery winds in their t-shirts and shorts. During one of my final laps, the PeeWee girls ran a lap off the field for awhile. I noticed one young girl as she was running out the gate, stopped to pick up a lawn chair that had blown to the ground. She had not caused the chair to fall, but I was so touched that she took the time and care to set it upright again. Then the rest of the PeeWees came running back out from the gate and onto the track again. Clearly, they were no longer running for practice as they ran hither and yon across the laps. Two young girls were running side by side, with their arms outstretched yet touching and the young blond girl went streaming by me hollering, "I have no panties on!" She certainly didn't plan on my hearing that news, so I did my best to not chortle out loud.

Yes, I definitely envied these young girls who were so confident that they could not only defy parental admonition about the necessity o wearing clean underwear but to not wear it at all; and be comfortable enough to yell about it.

It was so wonderful to be in the midst of this slice of Americana that seemed to elude me as I was growing up that I went an extra lap just to appreciate it to the last possible moment before everyone packed it up to go home at dusk. It was now later than I planned so I made a couple of quick stops on the way home.

For dinner, I stopped off to buy my new favorite meal, the veggie patty on flatbread at Subway. Yum. I sat down to see what might be on television while I ate dinner. I landed on a Mariners-Oakland A's game. Of course, I had to watch to see if Ken Griffey, Jr. was in tonight's line up. A few innings later, just as Beau jumped onto my lap, Junior stepped up to the plate. "Oh, Junior, I am watching and my kitty boy is seeing you for the first time; and I am serendipitously wearing my Mariners t-shirt. The season is almost over, so could you please just hit this one for me?"

WHAAAACCK! A three-run home-run. #628. Junior is now in the top five HR hitters. Even the A's announcer mentioned that he wished that Junior had stayed healthy because then A-Rod would be trying to out-do him instead of Barry Bonds.

It's autumn, Mercury has gone direct and there is joy in Mudville tonight.

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