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My Favorite Month

Happy Birthday, Walter Matthau.
Happy Birthday, Wunjo.

Yay, it's October.

Just watched a wonderfully American Express commercial showing creative real-life versions of our familiar and favorite 'smiley face' icon, using an exquisite rendition of Bach's cello concerto as the soundtrack.

Thassal for now.

"Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf's a flower." Albert Camus

Peewee, Panties and Junior

Isn't it wonderful to actually need the covers on your bed? That translates into the fact that the weather is changing and it is getting cool enough to warrant using a sheet, a light blanket and maybe, just maybe your bedspread.
Oh, I love autumn.

It was overcast and chilly this morning and I couldn't be happier about it. It only added to my exhilaration of working from home today. I set about doing chores and tasks while listening to show tunes and chasing Beau around the house.

Today, Starbucks introduced their new brew to go, Via. I had already commandeered a few sample packets and was able to 'brew' some for Don to take on the road for his business trip. Of course, I also went to the local Starbucks this morning and had a free sample while I was waiting for my Dirty Soy Chai Latte. OK, if one has to have 'instant' coffee--and there are only a very few reasons I can fathom that necessity--I guess it will do nicely. I am just too much of a snob and want m…