09 November, 2009

The Beauregard Chronicles

Welcome to Clown School 101

On July 1st, we adopted an eight week old kitten from a friend here in Chico. He is an adorable grey and white (which I think may turn out to be a Maine Coon or Rag Doll mix) sweetie and we named him Beauregard.

He is my first kitten.
Need I say more?
I am puppy savvy but I had no idea what life would be like with this fluffy beanbag. Faster than the speed of light and leaping from...well, everything.
Can anyone spell curious?

Holy Moley. This little guy is a handful. By now, at six months of age, I thought some of the wildness would have calmed down. I know his sister, Jezebelle certainly hoped so.

Anyone who has ever raised kittens probably could second guess all the goofy stories of what is uniquely possible to the interests of a kitten. After all, YouTube is filled with wonderful home movies of all sorts of antics.
Let's see...
• Hiding under the bed skirt so that unbeknown st to you, as soon as you walk by hidden sharp claws lunge out at your bare feet
• Grabbing on for dear life to the sash of one's robe and dragging across the floor to the next room
• Showers and faucets are always a fine source of entertainment
• Declaring that the only reasonable and comfortable place to nap is between ones wrists and the keyboard
• Wrapping a gift or unwrapping anything with crackling paper
• Backward leaps and jumps that defy gravity
• Dancing in the vertical blinds
• Unexpectedly jumping up onto one's leg using his claws to rapidly grapple all the way up to one's chest just to say "hello'
and tonight's new favorite:
Jumping onto the kitchen counter and then behind the two-door, full-size refrigerator.
Ta da!

Fortunately, a little patience and faith (and a well-placed phone call to a Practitioner who owns a truck with tools other than prayer) allowed for the little darling to flatten himself and squeeze out next to the cabinet door. I don't know who was worse for wear after that one--him or me?

As Beau sleeps stretched out beside me on the couch right now, I marvel at his flexibility and fearlessness. If I were to even 'do' kittenhood again, I would have two so that they each have a playmate and perhaps, maybe not get into so much trouble out of their own feline ennui.

To be fair, it is not always a circus around the house. Beau is one of the most social and cuddly critters I have had the pleasure to know. And his spiritual practice outshines rivals most humans I know.

About his second week with us, I allowed him to join me when I went into the guest room for my spiritual practice. I placed him onto my lap and quietly explained what I did while I was in this specific chair. For the first few days, he was a bit restless and would wiggle and fret till he settled down and fell asleep. With each new day, we would repeat the process and I would describe to him what I was doing and share with him my prayer list as I prayed out loud so he could hear. Now, he beats me into the room and waits for me on the chair.
In fact, if I putter too long after they have breakfast (first things first, of course) he seeks me out and comes to remind me what is truly important to start our day. Beau has truly become my prayer puddy and is already in training for the Animal Kinship ministry team.

OK, guess you can send in the clowns.

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