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The Beauregard Chronicles

Welcome to Clown School 101

On July 1st, we adopted an eight week old kitten from a friend here in Chico. He is an adorable grey and white (which I think may turn out to be a Maine Coon or Rag Doll mix) sweetie and we named him Beauregard.

He is my first kitten.
Need I say more?
I am puppy savvy but I had no idea what life would be like with this fluffy beanbag. Faster than the speed of light and leaping from...well, everything.
Can anyone spell curious?

Holy Moley. This little guy is a handful. By now, at six months of age, I thought some of the wildness would have calmed down. I know his sister, Jezebelle certainly hoped so.

Anyone who has ever raised kittens probably could second guess all the goofy stories of what is uniquely possible to the interests of a kitten. After all, YouTube is filled with wonderful home movies of all sorts of antics.
Let's see...
• Hiding under the bed skirt so that unbeknown st to you, as soon as you walk by hidden sharp claws lunge out at your bare …