27 November, 2009

Black Friday ?

Several years ago, some Madison Avenue whizzbangs came up with the label "Black Friday" to give a special angle to the (hopefully) biggest shopping day of the year that follows Thanksgiving. In my naivete, I didn't understand why anyone would label any day "Black Friday." Research revealed that it was in reference to the retail market finally operating 'in the black' economically instead of operating 'in the red' after years of poor shopping sales.

Okay, from the old-fashioned bookkeeping concept, I get it. Retail stores want to operate profitably, 'in the black' and hold great hopes for a fiscally frisky Friday. But Black Friday? It sounds so gloomy. Oh, wait, it can now have a double meaning--with so many of the department stores opening earlier and earlier each year, it is pitch black outside when you are expected to show up and get the best sales at 4:00 a.m. in the morning!

Oh pahleez.
As if it weren't enough that we must now endure full-blown Christmas regalia and paraphernalia that begins before Halloween. Now we must rouse ourselves before dawn and before Starbucks is open in order that we get to the store(s) early enough and before anyone else does so that we may buy more things that we probably don't need or have available money for in the first place.

Far darker for me this holiday weekend is the fact that one of my favorite television series is coming to an end of the run. Since the opening season, I have been a big fan of the show, "Monk" on the USA network. It is quirky, creative, funny, and well, I relate to the lead character, Adrian Monk, expertly played by Tony Shaloub. True, Monk's OCD characteristics are quite extreme but I understand him and appreciate his eccentricities. Tonight, part one of the series finale aired and by next week, it will all be television history. I uncomfortably watched the episode not wanting it to end and especially, since we now have to stretch out the torture till next weekend to have closure.

We are not amused.

Guess it was a good thing that earlier this week, Don and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary with a trip up to Mt. Shasta, California. Oh, it was glorious. The autumnal foliage along the way and then rounding the bend at Le Moine, the snow-covered majesty of Mt. Shasta peering coquetteishly above the freeway. I never knew a mountain could be so coy. The angle we could see from the freeway with a yin-yang effect. One gigantic swirl of the darkness from the forest of trees, nestling under the higher, white swirl of the area covered in snow.

Yes, honest-to-goodness- snow! It was an oxymoronic expression of nature to see snow on the ground on one side of the freeway as we were increasing in altitude; and completely dry and green on the opposite side. There was snow on the ground and all around the Victorian B & B where we stayed. It was wonderful. I could hardly contain myself before bounding out of the car to tromp boot-prints in the snow up the walkway.

We had a lovely, romantic two days at the Shasta MountInn enjoying each other and the amazing healing water and vibration of this energy vortex, too. Any New-Ager worth their salt has often heard of the legendary special powers of this town in Northern California and now I have first-hand experience as to why. I especially appreciated the serendipity of spending time learning about crystal bowls and attunement at the Mt. Shasta Middle Earth Crystal Room with Beverly Wilson. An extraordinary woman who is expert at the vibrational experience and value of the crystal bowls in use for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. I am eager to return to experience more and to begin to purchase and use in my healing work and ministry. (Beauregard and I just shared a YouTube video together showing Bev demonstrating the bowls on camera for someone and he was quite taken with the sounds).

A well-earned week of R & R and sublime appreciation.

Let the holidaze begin.

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