01 January, 2010

Black Eyed Peas for 2010

Don hollered out to me "Honey, come here. You did it. You said you wanted Black Eyed Peas for new years and here they are!" The musical group was singing with Fergie from Las Vegas. Not exactly the kind that Mom taught me to have each new year but I get the symbology that this is my first manifestation of the new year.

It is finally here. New year. New page. New start. Whew.
It was a long haul to get here.

This was not the holiday week of yore. Read that as different and difficult in many annoying, little ways. It unraveled fast and furious. New Year's Eve day was fast. I was furious about a few things and it took me up until dinner before I could shake it. Presciently, we had already decided to stay home tonight. Don fixed a lovely dinner with an elegant Shiraz from a Southern Australian vineyard, Layer Cake. And this wine tasted as rich and chocolaty as a layer cake. The wine was velvety yet hid a velvet hammer, too, as I found myself asleep after only a 1/2 glass. There was no denying the sweater design deeply impressed in my forehead after I rested my head on my sleeve which left Don with clearing the dishes, too (which is usually my job). After I woke, we had chocolate and espresso and all was right with the world again.

Since all the desirable movies were already checked-out at the three Redbox kiosks I visited, we gave the Comcast free movies a try. For some reason, we were drawn to the Kenneth Branagh's version of "Frankenstein." It was a very interesting and dark version with a powerhouse cast. Then we landed on a TV Guide special on the singing sensation, Susan Boyle. With less than an hour away from 2010, we decided we'd give it a look see. This program chronicled the rise of Susan Boyle from her audition performance to her platinum selling first album. The woman has an amazing voice and it is an extraordinary Cinderella story that is still an inspiring reminder that "fairy tales can come true..." it can happen to you. And me, too, please.

Moments before midnight, Don and I verbalized what negativity we wanted to release from 2009 and the desires and intentions we welcome for 2010. Then we turned on the television during the countdown for the ball in Times Square. " 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ... Happy New Year!" Waves of relief and some kissing interrupted by the voice of Dick Clark. Dick Clark! Oh my. The world's oldest teenager has been doing this television special for 37 years and I think I have seen every one, every year. I know that he has been having health challenges but it was nice to see him even for a moment.

Now that we are hours into 2010, I need to get ready for bed so that I can awake to a new day to match the new year. I rather like it that the holiday falls on a Friday because that gives us the holiday itself as a day off and another day to acclimate before going back to work. By the time we get to Monday, the month has been fully charged.

It's 1:11 a.m. time to call it a year.

From the Book of Awakenings by Mark Nepo a reminder:
" . . living over hiding
being over thinking
participating over observing
thriving over surviving."

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