Wii Wii Wii...all the way home

We now own a Wii game unit.

For the uninitiated, Wii is pronounced "Wee"

Don bought it for me for Christmas. I had been wanting something to augment my workouts (or lack thereof) and needed something that could be done during inclement weather, because I noticed that when it rains, I am less likely to walk the high school track.

Originally, I had been eyeing the Wii Fitness products but you have to buy a console unit first and then add on. (Buy stock now.) The console Don got was the Wii Sports unit.
You gotta be kidding. Tennis, Baseball (well, maybe...) Golf, Bowling, and Boxing. Doesn't that just sound like me? The only one I think that they left out was Cooking.

Once we understood that you had to have a basic console unit and then add on the games or fitness programs that you wanted, we decided to keep Wii Sports. After all, I married a very athletic guy who played almost all those sports and still loves playing tennis. So why not?

Don set it up one day while I was at work and began to get the hang of it. Then one day when I was home with some free time this week, he showed me how to use it. Most people have probably seen a T.V. commercial about the game and already appreciate some of the animation and graphics. However, at least to me, watching someone else playing on T.V. is very different from standing in front of one's own T.V. and learning to play.

Let me just get this out of the way ... it's fun!

The only two games you can play with two people with one Wii remote is Bowling and Golf. The other games you can play as a single player against the game itself. For my first Wii foray, Don selected Bowling. I have probably bowled in real life maybe three or four times. I enjoyed the social aspect of the game but when it comes to sports I feel rather unskilled and inept. When I lived in the San Fernando Valley, I used to go to the Studio City bowling alley a lot but not to bowl. I worked as an actress in the Equity-waiver theatre company upstairs. It was always fun to walk into the bowling alley and hear all the sounds and people-watch and then go upstairs where I felt I was in my right league.

Don and I played a few games and I was trying to learn not only the techniques and strategy of the game but how to use the Wii. On our third round, Don figured out how to use the toggle button and move our characters directionally on the lane. That made all the difference. I began to bowl strikes! Then back to back strikes. And twice I bowled a Turkey! (Usually being called a turkey is a slightly pejorative term, however in bowling it means I threw three strikes in a row.) I even tried bowling left-handed and switching my legs around. Except for the time that as I was ready to throw the ball, Beauregard ran in front of the T.V. The protective instinct kicked in to save him from the ball and I ended up knocking over stuff onto the floor as he went flying by and I missed the pins.

In the Wii games, you create your own self-image character known as a Mii. You are given a palette of physical features to make each little animated character look like yourself or someone else. Then you get to name each Mii.
(Mii is pronounced "Mee").

We have The Don and The Duchess (and The Don looks very much like his real-life counterpart; I have to refine my Mii). Then we decided to add a few friends so that the Miis that frequent the bowling alley or baseball game with us would be people we know. It worked! Now on our various teams we have Jessi, Sunshine, Kurko, Joni, Darin and Kristen. And we plan to keep adding to the roster.

Each game or series, I have been improving, winning and beating my own record. I also learned that I do not golf or bat very well left-handed but it does help even out the use of my muscles.

Today, when Don left for work. I decided that while no one was watching, I might try one of the other games that can only be a single player. I thought I would wait on tennis till Don could explain it to me. So, what is a wussy girly-girl supposed to do but try her hand at Boxing.

Only on the planet which I inhabit would this happen: just as I set up the Boxing game and stood in front of my opponent, Ryan, the cable music station began to play my personal favorite theme song, "Gonna Fly Now" from . . . "Rocky"! I laughed so hard that Ryan was able to land the first few punches. I really didn't understand the mechanics of the game as yet but inspired by my fighting song, I kept dodging and punching to the best of my feisty self. And true to my theatrical bent, the boxing rounds ended as did the song. (Truly.) Ryan and I each got two decisions--which I don't understand because I think the screen had stated three rounds --but it was a tie!
My first boxing match ever and I tied! And the crowd roared! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Tres bien. Mais oui monsieurs and mademoiselles.


C said…
Im happy you have a Wii and I loved the thing about Wii, Wii, Wii all the way home. Loved it. Have fun. Come to my blog sometime

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