Around the World in 80 Days...

" . . . Around the world I’ve searched for you,
I traveled on when hope was gone to keep a rendezvous.
I knew somewhere, sometime, somehow,
you’d look at me and I would see the smile you’re smiling now.
It might have been in County Down,
or in New York, in Gay Paree, or even London Town.
No more will I go all around the world,
for I have found my world in you."
This song by Victor Young and Harold Adamson was a popular waltzy ballad in the 50's when I was growing up. In fact, it was on the Frank Sinatra album, "Come Fly With Me" that my mother used to play all the time. There also was a major motion picture by the same title produced by Michael Todd in 1956 that was one of those extravaganza motion pictures.  I was too little to see it when it came out but I know that the adults in my family we all gaga over it.
What does this have to do with anything?
Today, I was on Day 80 of my Wii Fitness Program.  When I saw that, the tune began playing in my head in that goofy singsong way. I realized I hadn't heard that song since I was a kid; and realized that I had missed seeing the film. Then the entire mind conversation got dropped in lieu of today's activities.
This afternoon, Don and I were browsing a local video store that is closing and I was checking the old movies searching for some classic musicals and there amongst the DVD's was, yes, "Around the World in 80 Days." Again, what's the significance?
But on this rainy Easter day, I am waxing and writing about this little snippet of synchrodippity.  Did it really take 80 days to go around the world?  I live in a time and place where with the touch of a finger to the keyboard, I can travel around the world (wide web) in less than 80 seconds.
What do you think you could accomplish in the next 80 days?
For me, for now, it's off to watch "Easter Parade" of course.


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