Are ya listening?

Recently, there was a commercial ad campaign for Microsoft and their new operating system. The commercials showed various people extolling the cool new features and virtues (although personally, I doubt that is possible) of the Microsoft PCs.  Of course, we as viewers know that these great ideas were all hatched by the R & D departments at Microsoft.  And we also know that there isn't one of us who hasn't come up with the 'next greatest thing or idea since Swiss cheese' about some product(s) we consistently use.

When I was working for Apple years ago as a Solutions Rep, my wasband and I would actively campaign for more stores that offered Apple software or products.  Years later, the Apple Stores with the Genius Bar and Creatives were launched.  David and I felt that we had in some small way helped to make that possible.  Either by our consistent nudges and our heartfelt desire and prayers to make the Apple market more available and user friendly to the rest of the world.

I, for one, subscribe to the Starbucks site that allows people to offer comments and suggestions for improving and/or expanding the products and services.  Many of the ideas offered by loyal users have indeed been heeded and brought into fruition.

Imagine my delight and surprise when walking into a Starbucks today, I saw that they have finally manufactured a fabric cup sleeve holder!  I have been writing the company for years about this idea because it is the eco-green thing to do; and because I am weary of remembering to take in my cardboard cup sleeve on my return visits.  I also suggested that Starbucks might even offer a $.01 or so off the price of their beverage as an incentive if they used their cup sleeve with their purchase. I don't think that they have offered that incentive as yet but maybe there is still hope for that. The other cool thing about this attractive gray sleeve is that is made so that it will also fit the personal mugs and cups that many of us users have bought to use for our 'to go' orders, thereby reducing paper cups usage.

It is wonderful with the advent of the Internet --and a little help from conscious intention--new ideas and products can be created and manufactured to assist in creating an easier and more conscious life.

Now, if I could just get the phone companies to work together and sanction the way for land line phone calls to be forwarded to your mobile cell phones so that only one phone number is necessary, that would be nice.


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