Soccer Mom

All right, not actually 'soccer' it was a play date; and not actually 'Mom' because my kid is a ten month old Cairn Terrier named Chai.  However, the phrase 'soccer Mom' so intrinsically symbolizes today's Mom who works full-time, has a family and yet still finds time to take her daughter to special events or activities.

Like other responsible moms, I faxed vaccination records and signed all the requisite liability waivers to the school in advance of the first class. In this case the school is Sarah Richardson's Canine Connection here in Chico --a  wonderful training center that offers all manner of doggy obedience classes, training, day care and socialization groups.  Before we left, I cut up pieces of grilled chicken to use as snack treats.  Isn't that similar to what all soccer moms do as well?

Tonight, I took Chai to her first teen group social hour so she could play with other dogs and reinforce good manners and basic training. Chai was ecstatic the minute we arrived because she could sense (and smell) that she was about to have her dreams come true--to be off-leash playing with other dogs and meeting new people!

Chai may not have all her basic training skills finely honed but her amiable exuberance and willingness to play and please made her an instant favorite with people and pooches alike. Big or small, she is ready to rock n' roll with everyone. Chai even has an instinct for knowing how to be likable to the wariest of other dogs, and will rollover and show her belly to prove that she is safe, friendly and means no harm.

To be on the floor in and among a room full of all types of dogs, watching them romp and play and then careen by for a quick scritch from the humans on the sidelines, is really heaven for me.  And Chai was so busy making new friends she didn't seem to mind me doting on the beautiful Golden Retreiver, Chloe or loving up on little Tess. 

We will sign up Chai for Intermediate Training starting in two weeks. And we can bring her to Doggy Day Care and next week's social hour again. It will be a blessing to watch Chai in such bliss.

A biological Mom I'm not; but maternal, you betcha--big time. OK, so I didn't get to take a daughter to ballet lessons or a son to softball practice.  I still swell with pride when my fur children strut their stuff and show their smarts.  I so wanted to have a camera with me tonight. Don wasn't able to attend with us tonight but I wanted to film how well Chai did and how she made everyone smile.  I know without a doubt he would be kvelling too and neither of us are Jewish!

In the words of wise elder, Tevye, "To life, to life, l'CHAIm ..."


Anonymous said…
Whaddaya mean, you're not Jewish?
If people can receive honorary doctorates for their achievements, then you are hereby granted honorary Jewishness for YOUR achievemnt: You QVELL so good!

And L'shona Tova(That's Happy New Year, in case anyone doesn't know) It's on 09/09.

Qvell Mel
Rev. Duchess said…
Dear QvellMel (love that monicker for you) -- having graduated from the Shiksa bench at Fairfax High, I did earn my Yiddishness.

My Chai has the sweetest shaina punim- you would plotz.

Happy early new year.

Anonymous said…
Chai would definitely be my cuppa tea. L'CHAIm!

QuellMel from Dwell :-)

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