The Last Straw

...or should I say, pine needle?

Until I saw a scrawny pine tree strapped to the top of a car yesterday, I thought I had reached my tolerance level limit this week with all the advance Christmas hoopla.  That was the straw for me.

I have had enough of Christmas being promulgated and pranced before me and before its time.

My week began in distress when I turned on my favorite local Oldies radio station and I heard the faint melody of a Christmas song.  I quickly turned it off and began to assuage my panic with the idea that maybe it was just one of those premature commercial jingles for the holiday.  I offered myself comforting words " Don't worry, Duchess. The station wouldn't start their all-Christmas, all the time music until Thanksgiving.  And if they did (gulp) you can listen to the other favorite local station The Mix."  My fears were well-founded because Don called me later in the day to tell me that the Oldies station had gone to all Christmas and so had The Mix.  AAAARGGGH! Both stations had betrayed me!

The T.V. airwaves had already begun their round of seasonal commercials and I turned away in denial. Then my beloved Starbucks began serving in their seasonal cups and offering their holiday specials. How could they? It's one thing to expect Hallmark to start early so people can buy the annual ornaments and cards but Starbucks?

Futile as it may be, I have begun to write polite e-mails to the radio stations and companies that have jumped on the early holiday bandwagon.

I began to have a different understanding about the man who shot his television after he learned that Brandy (arguably one of the better dancers) got voted off "Dancing with The Stars" instead of Bristol Palin.  Of course, his actions did seem extreme and questionable, although slightly amusing until I drove by a neighbor's house the next day and saw him putting up electronically lit deer in his front yard and I suddenly had noticed thoughts of being a seasonal deer-hunter of another kind. 

Is it so hard for society to fathom that there are those of us who really enjoy the month of November and in particular, the sacredness of the Thanksgiving holiday?  I hope your sensibilities won't be offended but I must admit that frankly, I think of November as foreplay for December.  I want to savor every Christmas option that leads up to that glorious morning on December 25th but I can't (and don't want) to sustain that romance starting almost before Halloween is ghostly memory.

I love Christmas and all the trappings as much as the next guy or gal. In fact, most of my shopping is already done because I do it all throughout the year. But I am not humming "Deck the Halls" while I shop or thinking about snow. I am thinking about getting wonderful gifties for people I care about and how happy they will be; AND how much more free time I will have in December to spend with them enjoying the reason for the season--which by the way, is not a mercenary one.

My holiday season will always begin with the Macy's Day Parade and not a moment before.


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