Animals R Us

The animal kingdom has long served me as my greatest spiritual teachers.  The past few weeks are no exception.

Already feeling a bit anxious and vulnerable about an important brainstorming meeting with church members and the Board of Trustees,  I was driving to the meeting, trying to stifle a sudden onset of tears that welled up.  I turned up the car radio and began singing out loud to distract my thoughts.

Then off to my left, I saw a large deer that had obviously been hit by a car and was now left dead on the side of the road. I needed no further incentive to let the floodgates pour as I saw this beautiful, lifeless creature.  I was angry and sad all at the same time. Then my ego caught me because I felt that I didn't have time to stop and pray over the animal (whose spirit had clearly already departed) because I was the only one with the keys to open the building for our meeting, I didn't want to be late and leave people standing outside in the cold. That made me angrier and sadder and I cried harder.

I didn't want to be out of emotional control for the meeting but I also did not know how to regain my composure. But nature did.  As I got closer to the intersection for my turn, I noticed up ahead what I thought were some of our local geese wandering in the street. That seemed unusual for our geese. For all though they amble around the lake and sometimes are on the corner walking along the grass, I had never seen them actually walking across the street.  Yet, as I pulled up to the signal I was started to see that what I assumed were geese turned out to be three full-grown turkeys!  Turkeys? Yes, turkeys with that little red bobbly-neck thing and all.  These turkeys were completely ignorant to the traffic signal and were walking blithely and catty-corner across the street without a care in the world. And they actually gobbled.  (This city girl had never heard turkeys gobble except in cartoons or movies).  Fortunately, traffic was minimal and no one was behind me so I pulled slowly over to the left lane and kept a keen eye on my rear-view mirror in case I needed to jump out of the car and notify approaching drivers.  The traffic on the other side had already passed and didn't seem to interfere with the turkeys' travel plans. I noticed a woman and her sporting dog watching and waiting on the opposite corner as I imagine her dog would have loved to play chase.   Once the turkeys were safely on the sidewalk, I went ahead and made my turn into the parking lot.  And as soon as I saw Rev. Teri arrive for the meeting, I grabbed her. We went into the restroom where I asked her to do prayer work for me and for the turkeys so that I could get my bearings and be present for the meeting.

The following day was Sunday and we had church service with our wonderful choir providing the music.  We had moved the seating and podium arrangement to accommodate the choir risers differently and it allowed me to see outside to the lake.

While the service was going on, I finally got to see The Hawk that has been gracing our Sundays with his/her presence.  A few people have told me lately, that a beautiful hawk had been hanging out during our services on Sunday but I had not as yet had the pleasure of seeing the bird.  Today, he/she sat on the black railing after taking a  bath in the puddle on the patio.  Extraordinary!  This hawk clearly had come to 'roost' (forgive the pun) and bask in our energy and share his/her glory with us, too.

Aimee Matilla and Sharon Salz answered my questions as to what the Hawk might represent at this time; what was the animal totem significance for me. Aimee said:
Hawks represent clarity of vision; being able to see the bigger picture. Imagine being a hawk flying high in the sky and being able to see a mouse in the field and zooming in on it.  Sharon added that the Hawk receives the message from the Eagle (who gets it from God) and then it goes to Crow who delivers it to the people.

Of course.

Then Rick Mazzucchi sent me further information written by Avia Venefica

"We take these indications from observing the hawk in nature.  Here we see the hawk has tremendous vision.  Their eyesight is phenomenal and a key factor in their incredible hunting abilities.  Specifically, the hawk beckons us to hone our focus on the areas that are out of balance in our lives. . .  Further, we must each respect our potential positions of authority (leadership) and honor all those with whom we interact. "

For that is what I/we are all about right now.
As we gather and collaborate as a spiritual community on the future for our Center, I am charged to articulate the Vision from the Great Spirit and bring it back to the people. The Hawk has come to remind me of the work those of us at Chico New Thought Center get to do together.

So blessed. So blessed.

P.S. Later this week, one of our Board members let me know that she had found a badger in her house! She had noticed lately that her cupboards had been left ajar and she was having to re-fill the cat food dishes more often.  Perhaps winter had increased the cats' appetites until she walked in and met the badger face to face. She escorted him outside and proceeded to board up the cat door.

Lions, tigers, and badgers...oh my.


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