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Wii Wii Wii...all the way home

We now own a Wii game unit.

For the uninitiated, Wii is pronounced "Wee"

Don bought it for me for Christmas. I had been wanting something to augment my workouts (or lack thereof) and needed something that could be done during inclement weather, because I noticed that when it rains, I am less likely to walk the high school track.

Originally, I had been eyeing the Wii Fitness products but you have to buy a console unit first and then add on. (Buy stock now.) The console Don got was the Wii Sports unit.
You gotta be kidding. Tennis, Baseball (well, maybe...) Golf, Bowling, and Boxing. Doesn't that just sound like me? The only one I think that they left out was Cooking.

Once we understood that you had to have a basic console unit and then add on the games or fitness programs that you wanted, we decided to keep Wii Sports. After all, I married a very athletic guy who played almost all those sports and still loves playing tennis. So why not?

Don set it up one day whil…

That Was Zen and Zen is Now

Being a fan of musical theatre and movies helps to understand not only my writing but my wiring. In this particular essay, it would help if you have ever watched or related to the movie, "The Sound of Music".

Of late, I am having my own series of Maria moments.

For my new year, I have chosen to expand my spiritual practice by studying Zen Buddhist meditation. For my linear side, I am reading books for greater learning; and for the real work, I am attending scheduled Zen meditations.

For a seasoned minister with a regular spiritual practice this might not seem like such a big deal. "How do you solve a problem like Maria?" Remember when Maria first joins the convent and is trying to adapt and adopt the new rules of her spiritual surroundings? That is reminiscent of me starting to attend the privileged environment of formal meditation sessions.

This type of meditation practice is different from the one I have evolved. And in my few sessions, I have already felt like .…