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Cassie was right...

"I love working with dancers."
Dancer? Moi?
This wonderful woman just referred to me as a dancer. How could she know? No one has referred to me as a dancer in umpteen years--myself included. Tears began to quickly spill as the enormity of that simple sentence began to inhabit my being.

This morning, I was in the office of a unique healer and bodyworker who was about to work on/with me for the first time. As I sat across from her and we were getting to know each other, she rapidly intuited several things about my physical and emotional state of being. Ah, my initial guidance in wanting to see this woman was being confirmed and I was confident that I was in good hands.

As I was positioned on her table for treatment, I asked her how did she know I was a dancer. She giggled and said it was evident to her in not only how I carried myself but also by what my body was telling her.

My little human self began chattering on and on about how I always wanted to be a dancer but have…