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Everything is Rosie...

Rosebud February 26, 1998 - March 27, 2010
Today, I said farewell to my puppy girl, Rosebud.

If anyone ever disses cell phones, I will share with them how grateful I am for the technology that allowed me to call my Wasband in Burbank, California so that I could be put on speakerphone so he could go outside to the yard where Rosie lay dying and let me speak with her.

David and I adopted Rosie from the wonderful animal shelter in Pasadena, California a few weeks after our Golden Retriever, Molly Brown passed away.  We knew that we were ready for parenthood again because life had been so full and rich with Molly; and she would have wanted it that way.

We chose the Pasadena shelter because it was state of the art and as humane as an adoption agency could be.  And because they proudly advertised their shelter cat, Maggie for her unique skills at being able to tell humans if a dog they were interested in adopting would be feline acceptable. Since we had Nick, the Mysticat at home, we wanted…