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"Ruby-throated sparrow ..."

"... sing a song, don't be long; thrill me to the marrow..."

Don and just returned from a wonderful wedding weekend trip in San Diego.  And although it was great to see so many friends, we were happiest on our return because we were coming back to our kidz.  We really missed Belle and Beau--and by all accounts, they missed us too.

In our usual morning routine, I paused to take note that right outside our living room window were two tiny birds pecking for food in the flower basket. It was actually Beauregard that I noticed first because his long, lean body was frozen in rapt attention.  The little birdies seemed oblivious to the voyeuristic predator that they hypnotized with their actions.  This scenario lasted for several minutes. Beau did not move an inch until the birds flitted away.  These may have been the first up close and personal birds he  has observed in his young life. And for me, I had never seen these little brown birds with their red throats before until I a…