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All Hail, Chico

The skies and clouds of Chico continue to delight and uplift me.

Tonight, I am witnessing rainbow #4 for this new year.  We had a huge windstorm, rain, and hail storm today.  Moments ago, the skies opened up to soak us; and, in appreciation, we now have another beautiful rainbow shining over us at 7:25 p.m. PST.  Amazing.

As much as I love this rainy, blustery weather, this week, it is not on my list of desireables.

You see, last Saturday, Don and I adopted a new puppy.  Or perhaps, more accurately, a previously owned (?) pooch that was being housed at the Butte Humane Society.

We had been searching the internet --Craigslit, and Adopt-A Pet for finding the new canine member of our family.  It was getting a bit frustrating trying to find the right sized, right age and temperament that fit our needs and desires.  I almost got obsessed with the search until I decided to seek prayer support on Friday night from a colleague and let it go.  On Saturday morning, I awoke fully d…