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No joy here in Mudville

On June 2, 2010, it was announced that Ken Griffey, Jr. had officially retired from baseball. That's it. Done. De nada. Outta here. Bye, bye. No pomp, circumstance and no advance warning. Say it isn't so . . .
Now those of us who are truly Junior fans (and have been since day one and all through his aches, pains, ailments and DL status) knew intuitively that this year, would be his last season.  In fact, at the top of this year, I began discussing and planning how to accommodate a trip to Seattle so I could see him play as a Mariner as I have oft seen him play as a Cincinatti Red.  I could easily travel to Oakland to see the Mariner's play the A's but I didn't want to do that. No, that wouldn't be the same to see him play on the road, I wanted to see him play at Safeco,  in the house that Junior built.
Imagine my huge dismay in learning that I was deprived of that opportunity.  I was more distraught than I would have imagined. I felt stunned, angry and embarrassed …

Predilections and Penchants

I now understand and appreciate the logic of long, holiday weekends.  In addition to the recognition of whatever the holiday might be, it gives folks like me a chance to recoup and regroup with the rigors of daily life.

As this weekend neared, people with whom I came in contact all asked me if I had special plans for the long Memorial Day weekend.  I smiled and said, "Yes, I do.  I even have an extra day off because I am not speaking at church on Sunday."  Their next question came more eagerly, "Oh, where will you be going?"  "Nowhere. In addition to having a new puppy in the house, I am looking forward to staying home to get a few projects done and ... (I take a baited breath) read.  I have three new books awaiting me."

As with 90% of similar conversations, the other person deflates a bit and politely wishes me to have a good day. I have long ago given up trying to explain that I prefer to stay indoors and find the luxury of spending uninterrupted hours …