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Pollyanna Is Old Enough To Vote

The puppy awoke me at 6:00 a.m. and I really could have used a few more zzzz's.  After the morning furry care ritual, I was ever so tempted to go back to sleep. Yet, it was a beautiful morning and I made the 'higher call' of staying up and reading more of Don Miguel Ruiz' "The Voice of Knowledge" and doing my spiritual practice.

It was a wise choice.
My day proceeded to unfold in easy and wondrous ways.

On my way to work, I made sure I went to vote in the California State Primary.  To be perfectly frank, I did not have a huge interest in this election and I didn't even read my ballot pamphlets till breakfast this morning.  The simple act of walking into a polling place with the opportunity--no, privilege-- of voting buoyed my spirits in a way beyond measure.

I noticed that there was a lighter spring in my step.  This certainly was not my first election; nor as I have said, an election of great interest or passion.  Yet, I was almost goofy-giddy when I got…